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Pivot #26: Newsletter Update

Pivot #26: Newsletter Update

This is the 26th edition of the Pivot Newsletter. We've been publishing every Friday morning at 5am CT for half a year now, but things are a changing. The newsletter will live, bit it will publish on a less frequent basis. How frequent? Not sure yet. Possibly every other week, possibly monthly. We will see. You might need a herbal tea and some melatonin on Thursday nights to overcome the anticipation if a Pivot Newsletter is in your inbox when you wakeup.

The changes are preempted for positive reasons. First, the newsletter takes effort each week. I strive to make reading the newsletter worth your time and provide value. I attempt to flag current events, personal stories, and other hockey players' stories to draw valuable insights, strategies and tactics that people can apply to their own lives. It's a fun process, but time and energy, nonetheless.

Starting Pivot opened a slew of opportunities that I did not think was possible six months ago, and I believe the best way for Pivot to continue to pursue the mission is to reallocate my time to other initiatives. Some of these opportunities include serving clients, pursuing untapped client segments, and capitalizing on business ventures that ultimately help build Pivot over the long run. I could continue to grind out newsletters each week, but I think the quality of the content would suffer, and I'd prefer delivering everyone a banger less frequently than a weak weekly read.

At a later time, when I can expand on the specifics of Pivot's pursuits, I'll delve into details on business, the journey I've been on, and continue to provide insights from my own experiences. The mission for Pivot remains: 1) Build enduring streams of income outside of playing contracts and 2) Build worthwhile life pursuits that make transition from hockey easier.

In reflecting on the newsletter, we've covered a lot of ground. We analyzed professional pursuits of various NHLers including, Peter Forsberg, Mark Streit, TJ Oshie, and Danny DeKeyser to name a few. We've analyzed a range of topics including, career positioning, self-exploration, interview tactics, and building a career rolodex. I strongly believe there are timeless lessons in all of the previous 25 newsletter editions. Any hockey player searching for help on post-playing career, could read past editions and gain value quickly. The website will continue to live, so long as I remember to turn on autopay on my GoDaddy account.

If there is one massive lesson to draw from all this, it's to just do it. Pursue the idea you've had in your head. Whether it's a call to someone you wanted to make, an email asking to grab coffee, shooting someone a DM, putting your thoughts in public, leading a new business segment, making a list, or filing paperwork on LegalZoom to open an LLC. Put one foot in front of the other and begin down a path towards something. Overcome the inertia of beginning. You have no idea what doors you can open for yourself. Create your strategic serendipity.

In the meantime, I'd love for folks to reach out. Any feedback, comments, or ideas are super helpful. I want to continue with the newsletter and discover new ways to make it valuable. Your input is valuable. That's it for now. I may not see you next Friday or the following Friday, but I will see you on another Friday morning soon enough.