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Pivot #18: Self-Assessment

Pivot #18: Self-Assessment

Busy week. This week's newsletter is a quick hitter.

Whether you are in a rut or uber successful, everyone needs to take time to self-assess. The below checklist of questions was inspired by Dr. Julie Gurner, who is a leading performance coach and a worthwhile social media follow. Make life happen and become your own accelerant for your career. Come back to these questions on a regular basis to self-assess. Take action, embrace ownership, and take no excuses.

  • Am I playing big enough? - Make sure what your are pursuing is worth your time
  • What are my hesitations? - Is there anything you are putting off because it is uncomfortable?
  • Am I putting myself into a box that doesn't really exist? - Do not limit yourself
  • Where am I being stubborn? - Stubbornness can be good, but are old conventions preventing you from pursuing something new?
  • Are the people surrounding me helping or hurting my progress? - Decrease the likelihood of the people you surround yourself with are limiting
  • What am I putting first? - Reassess your priorities
  • Am I the bottleneck? - Do you need to trust someone else and delegate?
  • Am I utilizing my time well? - Time is the scarcest resource on earth. Use it wisely.
  • Visualize who you want to become - do you need to change anything? - Keep the long term goal in mind
  • How can I be an accelerant? - Can you shift your focus to speed up progress?

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